Friday, 24 September 2010

Thank you for the architecture

Turin is a grand city, full of arcades, piazza’s and squares.

However, on a particularly foul Friday night, I think it was the arcades that I found most interesting, or should that be useful.

It’s incredibly easy to get around the centre of Turin in a hefty downpour without getting absoultly soaked thanks to all the arcades. The only time you actually have to get wet is the short dash across a road on a green man.

Despite all the arcades it doesn’t stop the local street merchants trying to sell their wears, which tonight appeared to be exclusively umbrellas.

I can only assume that there is a warehouse somewhere on the outskirts of Turin which has weather appropriate items in store for the vendors (though it should be pointed out that I don’t think these are licensed by the Torinesi town fathers!) and that at some point this afternoon the cry went up, rain clouds coming, fetch the umbrellas.

Still, they appeared to be doing a brisk trade, which seamed a little pointless, given all the arcades.

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